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Chemical group endorses safety white paper

[ August 31, 2022   //   ]

The International Chemical Transport Association (ICTA) has joined other industry stakeholders in endorsing the guidelines contained in the White Paper, ‘Safety Guidance for Dangerous Goods Storage and Handling Facilities’ published by a number of industry bodies in December last year.

Richard Steele, CEO of ICHCA – which helped produce the paper – said: ”To make a real difference to the standards of safety in supply chains that feature hazardous materials, it is vital to reach all involved and create a critical mass of like-minded partners. The endorsement of our work by such an authoritative voice as ICTA is therefore decidedly welcome.”

A pivotal element of the White Paper is a Warehouse Checklist. A practical management tool, the Checklist format is a significant addition to the other elements of the White Paper. Broken down into eight key functional areas of operation, its fourteen-pages are designed to be comprehensive yet easily digestible as an everyday device for maintaining safety management vigilance.