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Choc shoe shuttle

[ August 1, 2019   //   ]

Just how do you transport 101 handmade chocolate stilettoe shoes from Fulham to Dubai? Not a question many will have asked themselves, but it recently fell to freight forwarder Rhenus to do just that when London firm Cocoa To Thrill asked it to move its handmade products 7,000 km for Arab Fashion Week.

The delicate chocolate shoes demanded bespoke packaging and eventually Rhenus decided to use specialised box pallets.

For the shoes to remain in pristine condition, the temperature could not be allowed to fluctuate, as this would cause the chocolate to ‘bloom’ and marr theirs appearance, so coolants were placed on top of the pallets, ensuring the cargo was maintained at the optimum temperature throughout. Rhenus also worked to optimise the shipment’s route, ensuring it experienced minimal exposure to external temperatures.

Rhenus also organised clearance while the shipment was in Germany, awaiting its connecting flight. We bet the customs classifications people had fun with that.