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Clearance on Wheels for Priority Freight

[ May 25, 2021   //   ]

Priority Freight has received ‘Clearance on Wheels’ status for its truck park and warehouse in Dover and warehouse in Coventry.

This new simplification procedure was brought in by the UK Government to speed up the clearance process at UK borders but Priority Freight says it is one of only a few freight forwarders qualified to provide the service.

Clearance on Wheels minimises customs delays by allowing consignees to end their transit movements without having to unload the consignment.

Customs manager Jamie Brown, said: “Priority Freight has made substantial investments in training existing employees on customs clearance requirements, and to recruit a team of experienced customs clearance agents. We implemented these measures early in the Brexit negotiations to ensure we could provide a complete service for the seamless transport of goods across the border. Having achieved full AEO status across the group and obtaining Clearance on Wheels status means that Priority Freight can clear goods much more quickly for our clients where others continue to face delays.”