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Containers and coal lead Rotterdam fall

[ July 20, 2023   //   ]

Rotterdam’s total cargo throughput was 5.5% lower in the first half of the year at 220.7 million tonnes compared with 2022’s 233.5 million tonnes, according to the port authority’s latest report. The fall was mainly seen in containers, coal throughput and other dry bulk commodities while agribulk, iron ore and scrap, and LNG increased. In the first half of the year, the agreements were signed for the expansion at the container terminals in the Princess Amaliahaven which will eventually result in a potential flow of 4 million TEUs.

Container throughput in tonnes was 9.3% down in the first half of the year at 64.4 million tonnes due to the termination of volumes to and from Russia and the fall in imports from Asia.

Ro ro traffic dropped 3.2% to 13.3 million tonnes due to declining demand, stockpilingand  the weak UK economy.

The general cargo segment fell to 3.4 million tonnes (–11.5%) mainly because much of it is being shipped in containers given the low rates.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority’s revenue, mainly from port dues, and rental and leasehold income, was €4.3 million higher than in the first half of 2022 at €416.5 million but operating expenses rose by €10.2 million to €134.6 million. As a result, earnings before tax, interest, depreciation and amortisation fell by €5.9 million to €281.9 million.