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Contraflow to control Holyhead freight after Brexit

[ December 8, 2020   //   ]

A temporary contraflow is to be introduced on the A55 on the approach to Holyhead ferry port between Junction 2 to 3 with the option to extend to Junction 4 if required as part of the Welsh government’s contingency plans when the EU Transition period ends on 31 December

The measure will be in place from 28 December and ready for use from 1 January. All HGVs turned away from the port will be redirected to the contraflow where they will either be stacked while they sort their paperwork or redirected to other sites off Junction 2 if there is space.

Plot 9 Parc Cybi is being prepared as a stacking site from mid-January and negotiations are continuing to use the Roadking truck stop as a site from 1 January.

Stacking on the A55 remains the contingency option to use should there be no space on any other site. It is not possible to dismantle the contraflow in between busy times.

The “reasonable worst case scenario” published by the UK Government envisages that 40 to 70% of HGVs arriving at ports after the end of the Transition Period could be turned away as they do not have the right documentation with a peak iexpected around mid-January.  Delays could also result due to new border checks in Dublin which could delay sailings causing a backlog of HGVs in Holyhead.