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Cool Chain gang declare war on waste

[ May 16, 2019   //   ]

Cool Chain Association (CCA) members have shared temperature data from perishable consignments moving from Latin America to the Middle East as part of a scheme aimed at tackling food loss.

Five pallets of berries and avocados, were monitored from Guadalajara, in Mexico, to delivery in Kuwait, using loggers powered by secure near field communication (NFC) technology. Three NFC loggers were placed in an aircraft lower deck pallet during the pilot scheme to measure the temperature at the top, bottom, and in the middle of each consignment.

Partners for the pilot included Cargolux, Able Freight, AirFrance KLM, SmartCAE and Xtreme Technologies.

Edwin Kalischnig, outgoing secretary general of the CCA and chief executive of Xtreme Technologies, which provided the NFC loggers used in the pilot, said:

“Once we identify gaps, we can look at where we can improve, and that is how change happens.

Temperature movements, including excursions, revealed by the pilot data will be analysed by Philippe Schuler, food waste campaigner with Too Good To Go, a free smartphone app which enables users to buy leftover food at the end of the day from retailers.