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Crisis puts logistics workers in the forefront

[ January 26, 2022   //   ]

The Covid pandemic, Brexit and supply chain disruptions have boosted public appreciation of logistics workers according to a survey the UK Major Ports Group (UKMPG), published on 26 January. It found that over two thirds of the public believe that transport and delivery workers should be more appreciated and nearly say they think more about how goods are transported and where their online deliveries come from than they did pre pandemic.

UKMPG chief executive Tim Morris, commented “Historically hidden or overlooked, workers driving trucks, unloading ships in ports or operating warehouses are now much better appreciated by the British public. More of the public have also woken up to the complex, sophisticated supply chains that deliver our just in time lives and businesses. We want to see the Government build on this public appreciation and improve the connectivity infrastructure, the development rules and the support for green solutions that logistics needs to keep delivering for the UK.”

However, only 24% of people are confident that they could describe how an item of clothing got from where it was made to their house or a shop.