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Cross-Channel chaos again – but this time it’s home grown – updated

[ September 24, 2021   //   ]

Climate change activitists are reported by media to have blocked the port Dover of port, leading queues of vehicles attempting to board ferries.

A group from the Insulate Britain, gathered on the A20, disrupting traffic, with two protesters reported to have glued themselves to the top of a tanker. Queues were reported as forming on the A20 and the A2 approaching the port.

The group is demanding that all UK housing is fully insulated by 2030 and have repeatedly blocked the M25 before the government applied to the High Court for an injunction. However, this does not apply to other areas, such as Dover port.

By about 12.30pm, the port of Dover reported that traffic was moving freely again following the disruption. Chief executive Doug Bannister, said the port implemented its resilience plans and worked with customers and the police to manage the situation quickly.