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Dachser gains car makers’ security mark

[ June 18, 2024   //   ]

Dachser has obtained TISAX Level 2 certification, the internationally recognized standard for information security and data protection in the automotive industry. (TISAX stands for Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange.) Dachser has held ISO 27001 certification for more than a decade and has repeatedly demonstrated conformity with German Federal information security standards for critical infrastructure.

Chief development officer with responsibility for IT security, Stefan Hohm, said: “Success in the TISAX assessment is yet further confirmation that Dachser provides a high level of information security. Our customers have exacting requirements when it comes to security, reliability, and quality. Information security is therefore an essential component of the services we provide.”

The assessment included certification of Dachser’s Corporate IT, with a focus on the security of the company-run data centres.

Dachser Automotive Logistics offers automotive suppliers a custom buyer’s consolidation solution with shipments of parts from suppliers in Europe transported to a central collection point, where they are grouped and loaded into shipping containers and then delivered to manufacturing locations overseas, all managed by Dachser’s Automotive Coordination Tower in Hamburg.