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Dachser gives London a bell

[ February 24, 2020   //   ]

German forwarder Dachser has delivered a consignment of hand-blown plate glass from Glashütte Lamberts for the Elizabeth Tower in London – better known as Big Ben. (As Trivial Pursuit players will know, Big Ben is the name of the bell, not the structure that supports it.)

Currently undergoing renovation work; Big Ben is set to chime again by 2021 – although there had been talk of a one-off sounding to mark – or celebrate, depending on your point of view – Brexit day.

Glashütte Lamberts faithfully reproduced Big Ben’s dial and produced 1,300 glass plates for the tower by hand. Transporting the fragile glass also required great expertise by Dachser’s experts.

The forwarder has plenty of experience in this field, having earlier delivered glass made by to Buckingham Palace.