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Dachser to start work on German food hub

[ July 29, 2014   //   ]

Dachser Food Logistics is to start building a new terminal on the site of a former airbase in Langendiebach, near Frankfurt, in September. The new location is conveniently located near Highway A 66, and in autumn 2015 it will take over from the facility located in Offenbach, 19km away. Erlensee will offer expanded capacity for the rising volumes of inbound and outbound shipments as well as serving as an expanded hub. The new building includes a double-spanned 8,500sq m transfer hall, cooled to between +2 and +7 degrees Celsius. Usable area can be expanded by another 3,000sq m. 87 trucks can be simultaneously loaded or unloaded. In addition, a 2,500 square meter office building, a filling station, and a truck washing facility are being built. By integrating truck parking spaces, public parking areas can be left free.

Dachser Food Logistics MD, Alfred Miller, said: “With this new facility, we are expanding the existing transfer node for German branch offices into a European hub for trans-border food shipments by all partners of the European Food Network.” The new branch office will also be a core component of the European Food Network founded in 2013 by twelve partners.