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DB Schenker puts little store by Freightliner promises

[ October 6, 2015   //   ]

DB Schenker Rail UK has welcomed the Office of Rail and Road Regulation’s (ORR) preliminary findings on its consultation on access to deep sea container ports in the UK but is not convinced of Freightliner’s response.
DB Schenker made a formal complaint to the ORR in June 2013 over what it described as “very significant barriers to competition” in the market between key UK ports and inland destinations.
Chief executive, Geoff Spencer, said: “We want to see the relevant markets opened up and operating efficiently for the benefit of the industry and customers but we are concerned that the commitments offered by Freightliner in response to the ORR’s investigation will not achieve this. It is our view that changes should be made to the proposed commitments to ensure they are genuinely comprehensive in addressing ORR’s competition concerns, specifically with regards to rail access at the ports.
“We are grateful for the thoroughness and speed with which the ORR has conducted its investigation.  Having achieved so much in the investigation to date, it would be a great shame if the investigation concluded with a decision that failed to resolve the competition concerns the ORR has identified.”

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