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Defence experts test the water on freight screening

[ February 27, 2020   //   ]

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) is scoping for an innovation competition exploring novel solutions to screen ro ro and containerised freight entering the UK.

DASA is looking for solutions that will detect and identify multiple types of illicit content and improve the burden on operators, whilst aiding the flow of commerce, and able to operate within the time and space constraints of busy ports.

Border Force makes extensive use of X-ray technology for freight screening applications and DASA is not looking for submissions based only on such off-the-shelf technology. However, techniques that could be integrated into an existing capability and that make a significant step change in capability would be considered.

It says it is engaging the market in order to provide Border Force with an understanding of what capabilities are already in development, technologies which could be adapted from other sectors and novel innovations that could provide solutions.

However, it adds that the request for information is not a commitment to subsequently launch a formal DASA competition.