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DFDS and STEF in swap deal

[ January 31, 2014   //   ]

DFDS Logistics has acquired temperature-controlled specialist STEF Transport’s activities in Scotland and Newlyn in Cornwall while at the same time DFDS Logistics s has sold its activities in Boulogne to STEF who will in the future handle its distribution in France. STEF’s UK activities will be merged into DFDS Logistics. STEF’s employees and services in Bellshill, Aberdeen and Newlyn will join DFDS Logistics.

DFDS added that integrating the STEF business would provide customers with a greater variety of services and a much stronger network of services both within the UK and into continental Europe. The two companies’ facilities in lowland Scotland are very similar and combining the operations will create more efficient operations and new opportunities for developing our services to meet future market requirements, it added.

DFDS Logistics will maintain a small office in Boulogne.

Executive vice president and head of DFDS Logistics, Eddie Green, said: “The relationship with our customers will continue unchanged, but I am very pleased that we have been able to consolidate our services into a much stronger network. This will help us develop and provide the services that are crucial for our customers’ opportunities in the future, in a more demanding market.”

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