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DFDS’s Sean Potter moves to IT role

[ March 21, 2018   //   ]

DFDS Seaways managing director Sean Potter has moved to a new group position with responsibility for Digital Technologies and IT. His role spans the whole of DFDS freight, shipping and terminal operations, reporting directly to executive vice president and head of shipping Peder Gellert.

DFDS Seaways’ new managing director is Andrew Byrne, who rejoins the business to oversee UK operations based in Immingham. He worked with DFDS for five years until the late 1990s when he joined Humber Sea Terminal and since then has worked for rail operator DB Cargo.

Sean Potter will help develop services to help DFDS customers manage their operations in real time, building on the three recently-introduced apps built jointly by the Digital & IT team, which allow  drivers, forwarders and planners to manage their operations using mobile devices or computers.

He added: “Shipping and logistics as a whole is not as responsive to change as the business-to-consumer sector. In my new role I want to help our industry to integrate digital solutions. We are developing resilient new products and services for customers to keep ahead of challenges across the supply chain whether or not the UK is inside a customs union.”