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DFDS upgrades sideport and container services

[ August 17, 2017   //   ]

DFDS has enhanced its container and sideport services between Immingham UK, Norway, Germany and Belgium in response to increased demand.

From mid-August DFDS direct and loop sailings will connect Immingham with Hamburg, Zeebrugge, Fredrikstad and Oslo, whilst UK-Norway capacity will be doubled. The Norway port has also been switched from Moss to Fredrikstad to reach a wider hinterland with fewer road miles.

Key enhancements are: two direct weekly sailings; one between Immingham and Fredrikstad (and vice-versa) and one direct between Immingham and Oslo (and vv); a weekly loop service connecting Immingham, Zeebrugge and Fredrikstad; and a direct container service between Immingham and Hamburg (vv).

Major traffics on the Norway services are forest products, building materials, refuse-derived fuel, big bags, palletised and heavy lift cargo.

The service can handle 45’ pallet wide/high cube dry vans, 45’ pallet wide / high cube reefers and 45’ flats for special cargoes, as well as quay-to-quay services for 20’ to 45’ units including non-ISO tanks.

(Main photoograph by Richard Dunn, supplied courtesy of DFDS)