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DHL goes into orbit

[ December 16, 2020   //   ]

DHL Global Forwarding can legitimately say that it sending goods into space after signing a partnership with space mission company, D-Orbit. They will help the ION Satellite Carrier on its journey into space. planned to launch at Cape Canaveral in Florida in January 2021.

ION Satellite Carrier is a cargo vehicle for microsatellites, able to transport them into orbit and release them into precise orbital slots, guaranteeing faster deployment, more rapid commissioning, and more efficient use. The satellite carrier, shipped from Milan Malpensa airport to Miami with a stopover in Luxembourg, on 13 December.

According to chief executive of DHL Global Forwarding Italy Mario Zini, space logistics is an emerging niche within the industry. While the core logistics functions remain the same, more stringent constraints and extreme conditions challenge the safe transport, storage, and delivery of materials and products beyond Earth’s atmosphere and back, he adds. Tens of thousands of low- and medium-Earth-orbit satellites are expected to be launched in the next few years.