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DHL to deliver life-saving heart surgery around the world

[ March 11, 2024   //   ]

DHL Group’s DHL Global Forwarding arm has signed a pro bono logistics partnership with German NGO kinderherzen to deliver the world’s first mobile heart clinic for infants to several countries, starting with El Salvador. A

 team of international heart surgeons will provide free life-saving surgeries and therapies to infants affected by congenital heart diseases who may not otherwise have access to adequate medical support.

DHL’s Global Humanitarian Logistics Center in Dubai will oversee planning and management of logistics for kinderherzen with the 11-container shipment delivered by ocean and road freight from Bremen, Germany to the Hospital Nacional Juan José Fernández, in El Salvador.

The mobile clinic will remain in El Salvador until May 2024, after which it will be relocated to Burundi as part of an annual rotation.