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Disputes fail to dent Dover traffic

[ October 20, 2015   //   ]

The Port of Dover is expecting a record year, despite the summer’s disruption from industrial action and migration problems in France.
Within five days of Operation Stack being lifted in early August, the port was handling record volumes. Since the end of the industrial action, Dover handled up to 9,300 freight units in a single day, the equivalent last year was 9,200. Chief executive Tim Waggott said: “This phenomenal growth on Dover’s short-sea market is yet another reminder of the fundamental importance of Dover as a major gateway into the UK for both freight and passengers, supporting the UK economy.”
Freight volumes at the Port grew 4.2% in September (with 9,000 more freight units carried during the month) when compared with the same month in 2014 despite the August Bank Holiday suppressing freight volumes and weather conditions mid-month.
On a rolling 12 month basis, freight has grown by 6.4%.