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Dock lock works nears completion

[ May 17, 2012   //   ]

The first phase of the latest £4.3m investment in the refurbishment of the Port of Liverpool’s lock system is nearing completion.

The port of Liverpool said that despite the temporary  closure, over 90% of vessels have been able to access berths via the Port’s Langton Lock during the outage, which started at 7am on Monday morning.

The work has seen the giant West Inner Gate – 16m in height and weighing 400 tonnes – removed following the fixing in place of a limpet dam at the mouth of the lock. The refurbished gate is now being manoeuvred into place and the dam removed.

The operation will be completed by 07:00 on Saturday, with the first vessel is due to transit the lock at 09:00 Saturday. The work will provide a more reliable lock system and reduce maintenance costs.

Gladstone Lock’s East Inner Gate will be replaced in an identical operation in August.

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