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Don’t get hit by knock-offs, warns BIFA

[ September 4, 2012   //   ]

The British International Freight Association (BIFA) is warning its members to tighten up their controls on possible counterfeit goods, as they could be liable for their destruction under new legislation currently being considered by the European Commission.

BIFA Director General, Peter Quantrill said that while the association has already opposed Commission  proposals to make the carrier (which would include consolidators) responsible for the costs of disposing of counterfeit goods that infringe intellectual property rights, it remains a grey and area and freight carriers need to be vigilant.

“Whilst freight forwarders, acting as an intermediary, must act in good faith when accepting consignments for shipment, they must also exercise reasonable diligence,” he pointed out.

According to recent Commission statistics, customs services detained almost 115 million fake items in 2011, up on 2010’s figure of 103 million, almost three-quarters of them from China. And while the common image of fake goods are ‘knock-offs’ of well known designer brands of clothes or handbags, some products such as medicines can be dangerous.

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