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Don’t mess with my tutu

[ January 14, 2021   //   ]

Ballerina Hippo was among the collection of sculptures moved by Digifreight network member, UAE-based Cargo Line Shipping Services from Italy for an exhibition for local artist Antonio Signorini.

It’s not often that forwarders are asked to shift 1.5-tonne stone aquatic creatures so Cargo Line had to scour the country to find a forklift that could both handle the weight and fit into the cargo elevator at Dubai International Financial Centre where Hippo Ballerina and her chums went on exhibition.

Not even ceramic hippos escape the attentions of UAE Customs so the forwarder arranged a temporary import and a deposit for the hefty duty and VAT payment, which was re-claimed as soon as all artworks were re-exported out of the UAE back to Italy.