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Dover delays down to 30 minutes; VIIA rail service suspended

[ July 25, 2016   //   ]

Delays caused by a shortage of French border officials at Dover were reported to be down to 30 minutes this morning (Monday 25 July) after reaching several hours over the weekend.

However, the situation was described by P&O chief executive Helen Deeble, as “completely unacceptable”.

She said: “The scenes which we saw at the weekend at the port of Dover, with holidaymakers delayed for completely unacceptable lengths of time, must never be allowed to happen again.

“Increased security checks at the border are completely understandable but the French authorities must provide adequate numbers of staff to ensure that these checks can be processed quickly and efficiently. The failure to do so at the weekend was the primary cause of the delays.”

Meanwhile, it is understood that the recently introduced VIIA intermodal service from Le Boulou and Italy to Calais has once again been suspended because of a surge in migrant activity. However, it is believed that the operators hope to resume the service in the near future.

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