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Dover disruption ‘inevitable’ Gove warns

[ November 25, 2020   //   ]

There will inevitably be some disruption to freight moving through the Channel ports says Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster Michael Gove. He told the Logistics UK Get Ready for Brexit online seminar on 25 November that while work was going on to eliminate as many risks as possible, his advice to traders was not to send freight “unless you are confident that it is compliant with the rules”.

He day before, on Tuesday 24 November, five-mile queues built up on the M20 in Kent after the French started trial post-Brexit immigration checks.

Gove predicted that firms would hold off moving goods until the new systems were bedded down, so traffic levels though the ports could be lower immediately after Brexit. Some disruption could be expected as traffic levels began to rise, before settling down to what he described as “the new normal”.

However, a new Border Impact Centre would warn hauliers if trouble was looming, he added.