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Drones deliver in Dubai

[ March 1, 2024   //   ]

UAE-owned handling company Dnata says it has integrated autonomous drones into its cargo warehouse operations in Dubai. Benefits include 20% reduction in processing times of rack inventories and over 99% accuracy in shipment tracking. On average, Dnata’s drones monitor some 1,800 shipments across 2,400 rack locations.

Software by Gather AI, enables the drones to map the environment, collect inventory data, count cases, measure temperature, and read barcodes using only their cameras, without the need for any additional active infrastructure. The drones are paired to a tablet and the collected data can be viewed directly on the device or the web dashboard.

With routine tasks automated, human resources can be allocated to more complex responsibilities. The drones also reduce carbon footprint and improve safety by reducing the need for working at height in the warehouse.  

The drones can operate at temperatures between 0 C and 50  C.