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DSV charter to the rescue

[ March 30, 2021   //   ]

DSV has become one of the latest freight forwarders to charter its own ship to move customers’ containers from China to Europe, in order to beat shipping congestion and soaring freight rates.

DSV used the Ocean Charter Network to obtain a vessel from China into the Danish port of Aarhus, with UK-bound freight moved by feeder ship to London Gateway.

The forwarder’s grateful clients included retailer Gallery Direct which had seen rising demand for home furnishings during the pandemic and need to guarantee a supply of products in the face of worldwide supply chain issues.

The chartered ship left China on 3 February with the goods arriving at Gallery’s premises in Kent on 24 March.

Gallery Direct’s head of international freight and logistics, Neil Beech (main picture), said: “Thinking outside-the-box and working in partnership with DSV has given us a fantastic solution by using the first bespoke charter for DSV UK and Gallery Direct to ship products to the UK.”

He added that there will be more challenges over the coming months, compounded by the Suez Canal blockage. “However, with DSV’s support, we are confident that we will find solutions, to ensure we maintain our supply chains.”