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DSV introduces ETA app

[ August 16, 2021   //   ]

DSV has introduced an ETA (estimated time of arrival) to tell its clients when goods will arrive, reducing administrative time, eliminating phone calls. It is available through the booking, track and trace portal myDSV.

The first/last mile ETA is generated by the DSV Driver App; when trucks leave the DSV terminal all shipments will automatically get a two-hour window for pick-up and delivery times. The ETA is automatically registered and visible in myDSV, and clients can request e-mail or SMS notifications. For any delays outside the two-hour window, the ETA will automatically be updated by the Driver App and the client will be notified accordingly.

Notifications can be set up to advise various parties. For example, the sender may be interested to know when the product is delivered, or the receiver may be interested to know when the goods have started their journey, the application is designed to keep all parties informed.  

DSV say that another advantage of the service is that it optimises route planning with planned workflows based on precise real-time data.

DSV ETA is currently available in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Latvia, the Netherlands, Belgium, , France, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Switzerland.