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DSV offers warehouse automation for all

[ November 11, 2021   //   ]

DSV is to invest in a string of 20 automated ‘fulfilment factories across Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific. The multi-user facilities will offer warehouse automation to all sizes of companies across different markets and distribution channels, both B2C and B2B.

For many companies – especially small and medium-sized – optimizing the warehousing setup to cope with the surge in e-commerce demand is a challenge. Companies both need the efficiency of automated processes as well as the flexibility to manage fluctuations in demand. At the same time, warehouses must be strategically located close to the end-user to secure swift distribution to the nearby areas.

DSV says its fulfilment factories can cater for the specific needs while the goods are stored in regional hubs as close to the end user as possible. DSV will take care of the order fulfilment and will scale up or down according to the demand.

Executive vice president Ronald Poort, said: “We know there is a significant gap in the market for automated warehousing solutions for companies without enormous volumes because, usually, these solutions, such as AutoStore, are only accessible as a single-user solution for companies with a certain scale.”

The twenty facilities will be placed close to regional logistics hubs on several continents. They are all connected in a ‘string’, which means that one company can have stock placed in multiple warehouses across regions or continents while at the same time having one stock overview.

Fulfilment factories are already in operation in Kolding, Denmark, Oslo, Helsinki and Venlo, Netherlands. Others are scheduled for Northamptonshire, Duisburg, Barcelona, Toronto, Copenhagen, and Stockholm and, in the next few years, North America and Asia-Pacific.