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DSV ticks all the boxes for the Red Cross

[ January 17, 2020   //   ]

Freight forwarder DSV has provided a new warehouse for the Danish Red Cross to help it to respond quickly to disasters anywhere in the world.

The new facilities are in the first part of the Hedeland distribution centre which will have a total capacity of 150,000sq m. With the more flexible design of the new warehouse, Red Cross will be able to store and handle all the equipment they need for disaster management said director, DSV Solutions Per Hansen in Denmark.

When a disaster occurs, the equipment required must be ready for shipment within 48 hours, and the new warehouse Red Cross has easy access to highways, ports and airports.

The Red Cross’s Jesper Ranch (pictured) explained: “It is absolutely crucial for us to have a large amount of free floor space. We need to be able to set up our equipment and test it to ensure that everything is working as intended before it leaves the warehouse.”