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Dunkerque steps up security

[ September 30, 2019   //   ]

Port of Dunkerque has inaugurated a secure access corridor for heavy goods vehicles waiting to check in at the terminal. It has also introduced a drone-monitored Perimeter Fence Surveillance System and is the first system in Europe licensed to fly drones over private sites out of direct sight of the operator, by day and by night.

Other work carried out by the port in anticipation of Brexit are a third passport control booth for the French Border Police, extended parking areas and setting up counters to enable customs officers to carry out tax refund formalities and process declarations.

For import flows into France premises have been allocated for customs authorities, a hangar has been fitted out to control heavy goods vehicles and quays have been redeveloped and traffic management and signalling systems installed to sort trucks and create a waiting parking area for those subject to formalities.

A truck parking area has also been created as an extension to the facilities of the Veterinary and Phytosanitary Inspection Service (SIVEP).

Ferry operator DFDS has supplemented the customs information system with a computer application that informs each driver of the  status of their cargo, during the crossing.

Similar facilities and systems are also due to be tested at of Calais and Eurotunnel. Selected heavy goods vehicles will be given an opportunity to test both the smart border allowing them to fill in their customs declarations on departing from Dover, thereby facilitating the processing of customs procedures upon their arrival in France, as well as the new traffic control system at Dunkerque.