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Easy data-retrieval from ASM

[ September 10, 2018   //   ]

Freight software firm Agency Sector Management has developed a new web-based data archiving app to help forwarders retrieve critical data and stay compliant with the Customs declaration process.

It forms part of ASM’s freight management software Sequoia, and can be accessed remotely, making it easier for forwarders to store as well as to retrieve critical documentation.

The archive stores details of jobs, declarations, shipments, agent inventory records, consolidations, transit movements, sales invoices, collection and delivery notes, air waybills/bills of lading, manifests, and user added documents.

Users can search the archive easily using any of the key references, such as a job reference, an Air Waybill number, or a Declaration Unique Consignment Reference. They do not need access to the Sequoia application in order to retrieve archived data, meaning they can find information simply by using a web browser, from any location.

ASM chairman Peter MacSwiney explained: “Crucially, this app automatically filters out non-critical data, which is important for e-commerce businesses that might be clearing thousands of line items a day,” said Peter MacSwiney, Chairman, Agency Sector Management. By keeping only critical data live, the tool reduces the database size and frees up expensive server space, which in turn enhances system performance and speeds up overall searches and processes, saving on valuable time and costs.”