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Eco Haulage successfully reducing carbon emissions

[ June 19, 2012   //   ]

Eco Haulage ( is the UK’s upcoming Freight Exchange website that successfully links Hauliers, Freight Forwarders and manufacturers together to help utilise Empty Back-loads by providing an intrinsic trading platform.

Every year the Haulage industry experiences 3.3 billion miles travelled from vehicles running empty, equating to 28.7% of the Lorries travelling on the road to be carrying nothing but thin air. As an environmentally friendly organisation Eco Haulage is determined to help reduce the 36 million tonnes of excess carbon to be emitted into the atmosphere every year.

Eco Haulage has significantly progressed within the transport sector through raising public awareness regarding the inefficiencies plaguing the industry. As a result has attracted various blue chip companies that have adopted Eco Haulage’s stance on trying to reduce the non-utilised lorry trailers per day and sequentially reducing the carbon emitted at the same time.

Blue chip companies have benefited from using Eco Haulage’s website as their ‘Eco Profile’ page can be displayed online through emphasising their ambitions to save CO2 effectively.

Eco Haulage’s blue chip customers range from different sectors within the transport industry ranging from some of the UK’s largest Hauliers. Freight Forwarders and Shippers.

  • Hauliers, with the ability to advertise hundreds of available vehicles to reduce dead mileage thus increasing their revenues by up to 40% in return.
  • Freight Forwarders/Shippers, with capabilities of posting 1000’s of jobs /loads per day to be utilised by hauliers for their return journeys in return granting forwarders up to 75% off their transportation cost.

Although they cater from the larger corporate entities Eco Haulage focuses on its smaller sized firms all the way down to sole traders as they believe this is the key to their success.

Most environmental policies generally cost companies money to implement but Eco Haulage claim their website can increase revenues for hauliers by up to 40% (mitigating dead mileage) whilst reducing costs for Freight Forwarders and Commercial business’ by up to 75% to transport their consignments.


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