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Ekol takes two thirds stake of Trieste terminal

[ December 12, 2016   //   ]

Ekol Logistics has acquired a 65% of its Trieste, Italy port and rail terminal operator Europa Multipurpose Terminals.

At the same time, Ekol’s new ro ro terminal in Yalova, Turkey is due to be inaugurated in early 2017.

Planned investments in Trieste will allow two separate ro-ro operations to be handled simultaneously, while train loading capacity will increase to 10 roundtrip services a day.

Currently providing services to Turkish and Greek vessels, the Tieste terminal will add countries such as Israel and Egypt to its portfolio in the coming years, says Ekol while current annual capacity of 110,000 units on vessels and 70,000 by train in 2016 is due to rise to 140,000 units by vessel and 100,000 units by train in 2017.

Ekol Logistics and Yalova ro-ro terminal chairman Ahmet Musul said Ekol had solidified its position y acquiring the majority of Europa Multipurpose Terminals, adding: “We are sure to make a leap by proceeding with a such a seasoned team in port operations. I am confident that we will convey the experience we gain to Yalova ro-ro Terminal, scheduled to open in beginning of 2017.”

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