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Electronic box orders ‘reach tipping point’

[ August 15, 2016   //   ]

Ocean shipping electronic marketplace INTTRA saw a 17% increase in container volume for the first half of 2016 and a record number of container orders on its core transaction platform hit a record – levels at which the industry has reached a tipping point where digital shipping management is now a competitive necessity, said chief executive, John Fay.

He said that INTTRA’s own volume increase compared to less than 4% growth in overall market container volume year. INTTRA’s container volume does not include container volume processed through the INTTRA electronic verified gross mass service that transmits messages from shippers to 47 ocean to comply with new International Maritime Organization rules.

Other new Cloud-based products introduced by INTTRA include a new web user interface that integrates ocean schedules, container booking requests, shipping instructions and web bill of lading.