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Eleven-point plan to give British airfreight lift-off

[ June 15, 2021   //   ]

Airport property developer AIPUT and lobby group Logistics UK published an 11-point plan on how the Government should restore the fortunes of the airfreight industry in the wake of the Covid and Brexit shocks.

The reports’ authors, AIPUT (Airport Industrial Property Unit Trust) fund manager Nick Smith and director of policy at Logistics UK Elizabeth de Jong, called for a renewed commitment by Government to the sector., saying that it would have a vital role in the country’s economic recovery.

They also demanded the highest quality transport and real estate infrastructure.

The Government should also accelerate negotiations on traffic rights to open up key markets and routes and for the plan to create freeports to become a catalyst for investment, jobs and skills growth, rather than diverting activity from elsewhere.

In addition, they want commitment to support research and development to help aviation decarbonise through sustainable aviation fuel and new technologies.

Nick Smith said: “Air freight contribute £7.2 billon to the UK economy and support 151,000 jobs. There is a clear and pressing need for further recognition of the strategic importance of this sector, which plays such a pivotal role in facilitating trade, investment and job creation.” 

Elizabeth de Jong added: “We must prioritise the steps needed to enhance the role of air freight in a post-Brexit world. Air freight is vital to our economy and we call on the government to work with the industry to realise its full potential as a cornerstone of global Britain.”