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Etihad and EFL step up to the plate to move vital cargo

[ June 23, 2021   //   ]

Etihad Cargo and EFL Global* have flown over 55,000kg of antiretroviral drugs on one of its 777 aircraft from India to Sao Paulo, Brazil, on behalf of a leading manufacturer in Hyderabad.

Etihad said that other carriers had turned down the shipment because of its size and the need for stringent product integrity over a long distance.

Etihad’s senior vice president sales and cargo, Martin Drew, said, however: “The cargo was carried from origin to destination in the same flight, with no vessel change in order to preserve the consignment’s condition.”

Etihad Cargo has IATA CEIV certification for pharmaceutical logistics and can carry shipments at between +25⁰C and -80⁰C.

*No connection to the Dublin-based forwarder of a similar name.