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EU funds automatic vessel loading scheme

[ September 29, 2023   //   ]

Handling specialist MacGregor has developed an autonomous container loading and discharging solution comprising an automated crane operating system and a new container supply chain software program under EU-funded projects.

While the crane operating system is based on an existing MacGregor solution, it features a newly enhanced control unit capable of handling all the information needed to ensure safety in autonomous operation.

A Voyage and Container Optimisation Platform (VCOP) informs the crane of the loading and discharge sequence according to the stowage plan and, thanks to the VCOP’s ability to interpret booking information, the cargo planner can verify that there is enough room on board the vessel for the booking to take place and execute the automated stowage plan. This information can be shared instantly with the cargo owner, who will be informed of the status of its booking, and the port, which can make necessary portside arrangements based on the loading or discharge sequence.

The EU MOSES – Automated Vessels and Supply Chain Optimisation for Sustainable Short Sea Shipping – aims to enhance the short-sea shipping component of the European supply chain”. Meanwhile, the goal of AEGIS – Advanced, Efficient and Green Intermodal Systems – is to realise a “more flexible, connected and user-centric waterborne logistics system.

A continuation of MOSES and AEGIS, the SEAMLESS  project seeks to develop and adapt “missing technology building blocks and key enabling technologies into a fully automated, economically viable, cost-effective and resilient waterborne freight feeder service for short sea and inland waterways transport”.