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Europa boss walks out of ‘leaky’ Road Haulage Association

[ October 15, 2021   //   ]

Dartford-based groupage operator Europa Worldwide has resigned from the Road Haulage Association (RHA) with chief executive Andrew Baxter saying he was disillusioned with its handling of Brexit and the fuel crisis.

In an open letter to the RHA he said he was appalled by the way the RHA had conducted itself over recent years and that it was “no longer an adequate representative organisation for the UK road haulage industry”

Andrew Baxter said the The RHA had destroyed its productive relationship with the government by repeatedly leaking information from confidential meetings, as well as sharing a private voicemail from the Transport Secretary with Panorama.

Mr Baxter, a leading advocate of the ‘Leave’ campaign also said the association had undermined preparations for Brexit, by constantly telling hauliers that they could not prepare for it when the vast majority of what was required was clear. “Hauliers should have been encouraged to prepare for what was known, and to react to the remaining details when they were known” he said.

He also said that RHA was substantially responsible for the current fuel crisis, by leaking information regarding fuel stocks, which had damaged the country and the haulage sector, adding: “British hauliers don’t need political posturing, what they need is a serious representative body that works constructively with government to achieve genuine results for the transport sector.”

Mr Baxter also called for the resignation of the RHA chief executive, Richard Burnett, saying: “If or when these changes take place, we will be happy to reconsider our membership of the RHA.”

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