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Europa narrows the gender gap

[ February 21, 2020   //   ]

Europa Worldwide Group is highlighting its drive to offer employees equal pay and opportunities, as its Europa Warehouse division sees an increase in its female employees  stepping forward for in-house training to expand their skill set.
Europa follows the requirements of The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations, which came in to effect on 6 April 2017. The regulations require employers with over 250 employees to publish data on gender pay gaps and this includes regular reviews to assess the levels of gender equality in the workplace.
To comply with the regulations, Europa always seeks to find a balance, creating an equal workforce of male and female employees at different levels. Europa Warehouse Director, Maria Torrent-March is championing the drive for gender equality within the industry by encouraging more women to take on skilled jobs within Europa’s Warehouse division.
At its Dartford Warehouse for example, Europa has a 56:44 per cent male to female split within its Warehouse team, specifically relating to those with the skill set to operate machinery including VNA (narrow aisle truck) and Counter Balance Forklifts, and Powered Pallet Trucks.
The company’s continued drive for equality follows a series of promotions last year where Europa Warehouse saw a record number of female staff promoted to senior positions. This included four female administrators taking on roles as Account Managers, including one Senior Account Manager.
Maria comments: “We are making a conscious effort to reduce the gender gap. We support female employees to take on skill-based jobs such as operating Fork Lifts, by offering in-house career development training programmes, strengthening the number of female machine operators within the industry.
“As a business we follow the Gender Gap Regulations, ensuring our salaries are benchmarked in line with market rates and within different job categories – our aim is always to pay identically and we encourage female employees to take higher paid job categories therefore closing the gender gap.”
Within Europa’s Warehouse division, in-house training is run by its senior team members. Employees learn how to operate machinery, some of which require a licence to use, including practical skill elements such as abseils of up to 15 metres, ensuring ensure each employee is capable of handling any job required within the warehouse.