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European airlines call for clearer all-cargo crew rules

[ March 17, 2020   //   ]

The European Regions Airlines Association (ERA) is calling for clearer guidance on the operation of cargo flights and for freighter crews to be exempted from general aviation restrictions during the corona virus.

It says that while border closures in Europe continue to be announced, with severe capacity constraints in aviation, legislation, directives and guidance aimed at air passenger operations and the protection of air passengers on commercial flights, does not specifically exempt cargo flights and cargo flight crews.
ERA says that under some states’ rules, even cargo aircraft crews that return home following minimal ground time without leaving the aircraft are still subject to 14 days of mandatory isolation. If this is to continue, airlines will quickly run out of flight crew to continue operations, the association warns.
ERA president, Andrew Kelly, said: “This is a public health crisis and lives, health and safety must come first. Maintaining the cargo network will support the fight against COVID-19 and will significantly dilute the huge economic impact that we are all facing. It is absolutely vital that the economic supply chain continues throughout this crisis and this means that cargo aircraft, ships and trucks must be able to operate, with special precautions to protect crews and the general public.”