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European Commission declares war on wasteful packaging

[ January 19, 2023   //   ]

Sparck Technologies’, which makes scanning technology that can create a ‘right size’ box for any group of items, ensuring a snug fit without the use of fillers, points out that at the end of November the European Commission published a draft Regulation on packaging and packaging waste. As well as proposals covering packaging design, materials, re-use and recycling, it also includes Article 9, headed ‘packaging minimisation’ and which requires that ‘Packaging shall be designed so that its weight and volume is reduced to the minimum necessary’.

Businesses will have to ensure that the empty space ratio is a maximum of 40%. This has major implications for the ecommerce sector where lax practices on the use of wasteful, oversized boxes is commonplace, says Sparck.

It also notes that while this is a proposed EU Regulation, it will of course apply to any UK distributor selling to customers in the Union and it’s highly likely that the UK will follow suit. The target date for implementation may be 2030, but the issue can, and should, be addressed right now, it says.