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Evergreen to start Liverpool service in July

[ June 11, 2014   //   ]

Peel Ports revealed that Taiwanese-owned Evergreen is to begin a new service into Liverpool from the beginning of July, during a Prime Ministerial visit on 11 June. David Cameron also announced a £150m partnership between Peel Ports and Culina Logistics to create the first canal-linked logistics park in the UK, when he visited the construction site for the expanded Port of Liverpool on 11 June. The new facility will offer importers and exporters an all-water route to warehousing and manufacturing iwithout using road or rail.

Mr Cameron praised Liverpool’s efforts to rebalance the econom by allowing containers that would otherwise go via Southampton and Tilbury to reach the North direct. He added: “Rebalancing is happening but it needs to go further and it needs to go faster. Whether you are looking at investment, new business creation, exports – it is clear to me economic revival is on the way.”