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EVie – all about your cargo

[ December 7, 2020   //   ]

EV Cargo Global Forwarding has launched a mobile appthat includes an EVie AI chatbot function enabling customers to not only track and monitor shipments but to interact with an AI enabled virtual assistant for any questions or queries. The app is integrated with EV Cargo Global Forwarding’s core enterprise resource planning which in turn is heavily integrated with numerous industry service providers such as airlines, shipping lines, local customs authorities, hauliers and third-party message brokers.

EVie also identifies valuable information in conversations, interprets user goals and distils information from sentences for a high-quality nuanced language model.

It can answer any pertinent shipment question and additional supply chain related queries such as requests about Inco terms or duty rate and commodity code questions.

The new app is fully GDPR compliant, protecting anonymised data and insuring privacy.

The second phase of development is already underway and will bring more security layers, enabling EV Cargo to interact more closely with its core ERP system and provide a higher level of visibility of shipments for customers both up and down stream. It will also include enhanced purchase order and container management, shipping documents and financial transactions.