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Fast track for Manila upgrade

[ December 8, 2021   //   ]

International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI) is fast-tracking the second phase development of berths 7 and 8 at Manila International Container Terminal (MICT).

It is adding full back-up areas for the future Berths 9 and 10 and refurbishing Berths 1 to 5 and their back up areas, including the installation of an additional 450 reefer plugs for 40 footers, and upgrading the yards of Berths 1 to 5. It is also planning to acquire eight new hybrid rubber tired gantries to add to the 32 similar machines bought since 2018. ICTSI will also decommission MICT’s first quay crane this year, which will be replaced over the next three years by three new quay cranes – all capable of servicing larger vessels of over 12,500-TEU capacity.