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FedEx Express reopens enhanced Madrid gateway

[ March 20, 2024   //   ]

FedEx Express has opened a newly refettled facility in the cargo center of the Adolfo Suarez – Madrid Barajas Airport. The project included full refurbishment of the warehouse, external yard and office block, as well as the installation of a new sort system, castor deck equipment and photovoltaic system.

The main warehouse will be able to manage an inbound capacity of 3,600 packages per hour, plus an outbound X-ray sorting capacity of 450 packages per hour and 1,800 packages per hour for X-ray by-pass. For larger shipments, The site has up to 17 docks for trailers, trucks, and vans for loading and unloading shipments.

Managing director of ground operations for FedEx Spain and Portugal, Ian Silverton, said: This new gateway will increase handling capacity, provide better reliability and improve the working environment for the team members working at the facility.”

The facility will benefit from the installation of solar panels which are already in place at some of FedEx Europe’s key facilities including Paris and Cologne Hub. The Madrid Gateway will feature 156 and produce about 95 megawatt hours of electricity annually or 17% of the needs of the premises.