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Feel the chill with DHL

[ July 15, 2014   //   ]

DHL Global Forwarding has launched a new service for life sciences products needing extremely low temperatures. It allows shipments to be reliably maintained at  minus150º Celsius for at least 10 days. The service is maintained by LifeConEx, DHL’s temperature management specialist in collaboration with global frozen shipping services provider, Cryoport. The core of the new service is a non-hazardous liquid nitrogen dry vapour shipper which has an IATA A152 waiver and is classified as non-hazardous. Compared to dry ice, which needs to be replenished every few days and is prone to temperature deviations, the technology is more reliable for fragile and temperature-sensitive biomaterials, says DHL. The solution will include a temperature monitoring tool to allow customers to track their shipments at any given time via an online platform.

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