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Ferry lines act to maintain UK lifelines

[ March 16, 2020   //   ]

Stena Line has waived its single occupancy charge for freight drivers where cabins are available, during the corona crisis. If none is available and the driver still does not wish to share then they will be offered a recliner seat in the premium Hygge recliner lounge or other recliner lounge, free of any additional charge. FTA Ireland (FTAI) is also urging cargo-carrying ferry companies to restrict cabins to one-person occupation, close all bars and restaurants on board and provide room service for drivers including meals and drinks. General manager Aidan Flynn urged them to prioritise commercial drivers’ safety over meeting private traveling requirements. FTAI is also urging the government to supply all necessary personal protective equipment to mobile workers.

Chief Executive of P&O Ferries, Janette Bell, said: “Notwithstanding the current uncertainty, we are confident that our services will keep running. We’re doing everything we can to minimise the risks by intensifying the cleaning protocols on board our ships, switching from air conditioning to 100% fresh air and working closely with Public Health England and maritime experts at the World Health Organisation to follow best practice.”

Support teams in offices are working from home where possible and organising themselves into shift patterns so that no more than a third of employees are at their desks at any one time. Ships are divided into teams, consisting of separate watches each with a day shift and a night shift, and any crew member who is symptomatic can be isolated.