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Ferry lines boost rail capacity

[ January 23, 2015   //   ]

P&O Ferries says it will shortly start work on an extension to its rail hub in Europoort to meet growing demand. Rail freight volume grew 78% in 2014 over 2013, which was itself up 43% over 2012; predicted growth for 2015 is around 80%. Much of this additional traffic is Poland to UK business generated by ERS Railways, shipped by P&O Ferries to either Hull or Teesport or by Stena Line, from its adjacent terminal, to either Harwich or Killingholme.

Head of ports P&O Ferries, Peter Stolk, said the existing rail track  will be extended to 690 metres to allow complete trains to be handled rather than having to split them int two as at present.

The extra capacity should allow the number of trains to be increased from 26 to 32 per week.

Space for further expansion is available if required.

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