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FIATA launches paperless bill of lading

[ May 18, 2022   //   ]

FIATA, the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations, has released a paperless forwarder’s bill of lading (FBL), paving the way for digitisation of the industry, it says.

It says the solution improves security of compared with the paper version, as it uses Blockchain technology to authenticate the documents and provide an audit trail.

The document issuer can decide in which format it wishes to share the original unaltered document with its stakeholders: in paper form or as a PDF.

FIATA has also developed an API service, available free of charge to all software providers, allowing them to connect with FIATA to create secured paperless FBLs. Seven software providers have already signed an agreement with FIATA to implement the solution: AKANEA, Cargowise, CargoX, edoxOnline (Global Share), InfoSysTech-IST, Nabu and Usyncro.

FIATA says that paperless FBLs can start to be issued as of today with edoxOnline, InfoSysTech-IST and Usyncro who have already finalised implementation.