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Finnish forwarder closes Russia office

[ March 17, 2022   //   ]

Finnish forwarder Nurminen Logistics said on 17 March that it would close its office in Russia for the time being, “due to extensive changes in the operating environment”. Export and import transport operations in Russia have ceased although container train traffic from China will continue to be operated by Nurminen Logistics’ Finland branch without any change.

A day earlier, on 16 March Nurminen signed an agreement with the Kazakh State Railways (KTZE) to commercialise the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route from Southeast Asia and China via Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia to Central Europe.

It aims to get a test train ready during April-June and launch commercial traffic between July and September. KTZE has already agreed to cooperate with the railway companies of Azerbaijan, and Georgia.

The parties also agreed to intensify cooperation on the China-Finland route, focusing on the use of rail wagons registered in Kazakhstan and owned by Kazakhstan companies.